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The Words We Share is a project that is centered around bridging and sharing literary works in an organic fashion in this modern age of technologically enhanced expressionism and communication.  This organic approach is all about the personal connection and authenticity of bridging art around the world.  This began as a personal exploration of enhancing my perspectives of cultural art and the causality of poetry around the world, and like all poetry that begins as a personal seed for all to witness as it springs out unto the world; I wanted to share the project with you, in hope that it will enrich your life and creativity.

I have created this page as a means to invite you to leave comments on your acceptance and progress of this personal yet global experience.  Please watch the video for details, and share and spread the word across the world if you think this is worthy of such attention.

There are no rules accept that you reach far and wide for your journey…


Tshombe Sekou

I am also accepting books to be mailed to me; please send me an email, text, tweet, FB message, or phone call introducing yourself and how you want to send your book.  I plan to have books in my possession no more than two days at most.

19 thoughts on “The Words We Share | Project

  1. this project is a prolific one and i do commend you my brother in your efforts and spirit to keep the purity of the Art Form of Poetry and it’s Creativity alive and vibrant.

  2. I received another entry from poet Eric Nava from New Braunfels, Texas; he is one of the toughest young poets I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with, he reminds me so much of a cross between Buddy Wakefield and Kerouac…just dope!

  3. Late log: I also got an entry from poet Patricia Miller from Kansas City, who words always reminds me that we’re not there anymore “…start the problem, start the clock!”

  4. Just got my book back today from poet Mikki Williams in Ohio; glad to have it back, but I am also glad it got the frequent flyer miles…lol! Thanks Mikki for the poem! Now off to meet a local poet before I travel with book in hand to another land…

  5. Hey Tshombe! This is an outstanding idea. I’d love to participate in this poetic journey.
    Of course, being that you commenced this wonderful project, it is imperative to have you write in my book. I will need your info, if that is okay with you.
    Thank you for this idea of magnificence.

    • Liza,

      thank you for being so brave in taking this journey; I am certain it will be rewarding no matter where you go with it. It would be my honor to write in your book:

      Tshombe Sekou
      PSC 473 Box 396
      FPO AP 96349-0004

      Best regards,

      • Tshombe, thank you so much. I am incredibly stoked. I can foresee this journey being quite rewarding. I am now in complete wonderment and super anxious in knowing who will become part of this poetic treasure. I thank you again, for such a brilliant idea. I will be sure to give you a heads up once I mail the book out to you.
        Peace & Light, to you. 🙂

  6. This past week I received and wrote in poet Liza Morales’ journal, she mailed it all the way from the Bronx in New York to reach me here in Japan…what a journey! It was an extremely pleasure to have had the opportunity to impart a unique and rare poem in her book, I say rare because the only place that poem will ever be published is in her book. Thank you Liza for trusting in yourself to do this journey and allowing me the chance to participate in it. I wonder where I sent my book to….hmmmmm!

  7. What a fun and creative idea Tshombe. I will buy a book and start the process here in Northwest Arkansas. I love the idea of building a work of art as a bridge, with poems from fellow artists on the journey. blessings, Brad

  8. When we talk about crossing borders of understanding, creativity and connecting cultures I believe we are having a true soul experience. Your practice of listening to other poets-artists is healing and edifying to the human spirit which forever changes the speaker of words and the listener of words creating a deep valuable synergy. I am in awe and wonder right now of your project and movement of the spirit within you. Thank you-Gracias. Que Dios te Bendiga-May God Bless You! Dr. Z

    • Thank you Dr. Z and welcome to this corner of the verse, glad you found it. What you find here is only in response to what you’ve been looking for, why else would we search or merely look if not to find…something. I look forward to our bridging and crossings together.

      in great peace and balance,

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