when you are happy with yourself you don’t have to dream of having someone else’s life; if your life is a struggle survive it because the truth is we all are struggling no matter our status.

Be happy with yourself and the rest won’t matter.

Thought for the Day: Living Progressively

Question: How are you living your life, dealing with the circumstances in your living?

Thought: Mitigating the causality of a problem is more important than simply finding a solution. One being proactive while the other is reactive, reactive becomes cyclic while proactive is progressive.  If we become proactive in our lives we don’t have to live in repetition of things.

Morality vs Civil Rights

As a Levitican Law follower, I found myself struggling with the discussions that have inundated our society. After much rumination I think I have determined where I find reason:

The foundation to any societies ability to progress rest within the way it treats all of its citizens as a whole, not in part.  The measure of its civil-rights, for all cross sections of its citizenry, must be balanced and true.  Morality and ethics have been the soundtrack to many of the civil atrocities committed in this country; if we continue on the path of moral and ethical self-righteousness, on any level, we put the very survivability of this society at risk.  

I need not change my personal morals and ethics to be civil and treat others equally; in fact, it is the ultimate sign of love to treat others the same as you would like to be treated.  Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself has no hidden stippulations attached to it.  We can love without sinning, I believe.


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