Truth [not a haiku]

truth—a fruit so sweet

Should never be withheld until it is profitable

water in a desert—truth!

The dying need the truth

If I am going to heaven let it not be on a bed of lies

And if to hell—there I will need more truth to wipe my brow

Let me panic—at least I will breathe a little


We Can Time Travel

A man handed me a phone card and said, thank you for your service; I responded thank you for the years. See the moment he handed me the cards, I was 21yrs old again, sitting on the hot deck of the USS Lake Erie off the coast of Jebel Ali dreaming of home or a cold beer to wet my thirsting throat. The days of turning-two in the high-noon, before cellular and email, when letters came few and between months, when everyline was followed by “over!” We only wish that it was and prayed that it wasn’t. He smiled and said, “you’re welcome!”


In matters of responsibility, there is a gross irresponsible approach in the way we measure accountability in this day and age. Our social construct has stepped in the way of our effective ability to make the sound and most need hard choices to ensure a generation will survive the next evolutionary change in the human existence. There is a trade-off for social politeness over good citizenship, and it seems more a hoodwink than a fair deal.



There has to be more to this existence than the daily routines; a large dose of social garbage, wandering synthetic places, and the dreams of being more than we ought to be.

Why are we consumed with being more than survivors, survivors who do it just to remember to love.



When I was a young lad and only had a gristle before a back, as the elders would say; I would sit and listen to the old wisdom just before the sun slept. Today, I do the same, for our elders have much to pass before the sun sleeps again. If you neglect to listen; you are bound to be lost, alone, and ignorant.



what have you read today? If you aren’t reading something, besides social media’s deluge, for at least 20-30 minutes a day; you’re wasting an opportunity to learn something meanigful.

read something that will help mental growth