EP: What Is Love [Review]

Love, to me, is like an African rhythm…An African rhythm that enthralls you into its patterns, its poetry. It enthralls you… to come alive. – Tshombe Sekou, “What Is Love… EP”

Tshombe Sekou is part of a small group of North American independent artists who have lent a new impetus to poetry. And he has the rare ability of expressing his innermost thoughts in a way that is reminiscent of both ancient philosophers and master thinkers like Krishnamurti and Khalil Gibran.

When Sekou speaks, you listen; you listen with your entire being. His voice is animated by a knowledge that is truly ahead of its time. Every word has been studied and pondered, and then carefully laid on paper. The resulting spoken rendition is a treat to the ear and mind, a deep experience that leaves you begging for more every time.

“What Is Love…” continues Sekou’s tradition of poetry as a vehicle for spiritual discourses. The album has the same entrancing power and beauty as the artist’s previous releases. Once again, Sekou asks us to question the status quo, to reconnect with and embrace our inner child, and, most importantly, to respect our divine call, our duties towards Love. A love whose reward is complete freedom, once fears and expectations have been smashed to pieces.

You know, love is like the Sun. It’s always working. It never turns away. It’s just that we are like the Earth… always moving.

An artist always leaves a part of themselves in their creations. If you listen to “What Is Love,” you will hear the voice of a soul that calls God ‘home’ and Life ‘a thing of beauty’. A poetic jewel!

More about “What Is Love…”

Release date: November 1, 2011

Composed, produced and mixed by Tshombe Sekou Track listing:

  • Love Is an Enigma
  • The Understanding 
  • Poem 2 
  • Funny That Way 
  • Poem 4 
  • Vulnerable 
  • Love an Influence 
  • Poems 6 & 7 
  • Real Love 
  • Poem 9 
  • Love Note 
  • Love Her 
  • Sun and Earth 
  • The Lessons 

Album available for download at www.tshombeisms.com. Donations accepted. About Tshombe Sekou, also known as Tshombe the Poet/Truth Theory, is a prolific American spoken word artist and producer. Born in New Orleans, he was raised in Israel where he received most of his formal education. A member of the US Navy, he has traveled in more than 60 countries around the world. “What Is Love…” is his eighth release. His other albums include “The Messenger: Chapter One,” “The Messenger: Chapter Two,” “Verbal Jazz Vol.1,” “Verbal Jazz Vol.2,” and “IAMNOTAPO3T.”

For more information on Tshombe Sekou, visit www.tshombeisms.com.

written and reviewed by: Cendrine Marrouat, she may be contacted for potential interviews, reviews and general enquiries at info@cendrinemarrouat.com. Website: www.cendrinemarrouat.com.