our greatest freedom rest is in our ability to expressively create in response to our reality through poem, prayer, portrait, and all that gives us the potential to release that which rest in the silence of our soul…

…even fools can give a wise lesson, and the wise are often fools full of themselves in missing the lesson.  And the poet a prophet whose poems go unobserved in fear of what they may be—a call to truth.

Until you dare to be innovative in art you are merely emulating what exist, not creating; art is meant to be new, challenging and revolutionary in nature.


Sometimes you just have to be a candle in a dark room, burning unafraid of what surrounds you and waiting for you to burn out; your light is stronger than the darkness

—Tshombe Sekou

I believe that when art loses its honesty by way of critique, it begins a downward spiral to decomposition; the vitality of creativity is truth, not sycophancy.  There is nothing more critical to art than competent critique and interpretation as opposed to critics and lickspittles.

—Tshombe Sekou

The Fifth Element

By my ratiocination there exists five elements as the basis of life, four of which are widely accepted as fire, wind, water, and earth; above all of these elements rest the fifth element—art, for it is the materialization of the renown four.

 —Tshombe Sekou, The Poet