The Messenger’s Prayer

Feed me Lord until I want no more, let your spirit fill me in this barren land. Let your love give me new eyes to see deeper, that I might get a glimpse of your promised land. Still my heart that I find peace where war seems not to cease; the blood runs and man’s anger shows no end, his hand seems not to tire causing destruction. Guide me through this great divide of space and time ease my mind that I may understand this struggle: life. Fortify me with thine compassion, that I may share it as the light of glory, I am your messenger and thou the message giver…Selah!

Psalm written by Tshombe, the Book of Kai


I have but one road to travel, though it is filled with many off-roads that lead me away from my true path, I shall push forward without stray. ¬†Many shall promise nothing and everything; this is my journey to tread, with trials that I will overcome, mounts that I will climb, and temptations that will only fortify my faith. ¬†Shall I get weak, I will feed upon the love that has been given to me in a satchel at the start of my journey, for it is this divinity, sweet as honey, that shall pull me up to journey on…I shall keep on marching to zion, Kadeemah!