There is something

we don’t like to talk about

perhaps we already know

even if we let the monster out

change will remain the same

It’s been this way a while now

I scream—

—you shout

‘til there’s nothing left but silence…

hurt feelin’

we’re bruised and wounded

each other trying to out trump the other

reneging—inventing and preventing truth

patience raised into violence

because we’re broken

this is how we mend ourselves—kintsugi

but we gonna remember what we remember

and you will fight to shift the blame

‘til all that’s left is smoke and embers

‘less some hot breather stokes the flames

leaving us choked and blinded

gasping to breathe—dying to see

We’ve seen it every time

and pay it no mind

this red and blue sea

filled with blood and tears

hatred and love

between you and me

holding hands like lovers—your hand in mine

too afraid of letting the other go

walking down the same road

just with opposite dreams—

we mended pottery.

poem 358~62/365:2014

when the frost is laid

silent lips do pray the sun

rays to warm the day


when heat is too much

to bare loud lips do protest

give to winter yet


the rain leaves puddles

a sea to newspaper boats

filled with tidings of mud


when I close my eyes

i can’t help noticing the stars

when dreaming of the ocean