Poetry | Leadership

A poem gives direction to possibilities and it allows for observation and discovery, which sounds a lot like the role of leadership. I have come to learn more by observing and discovering the potentiality of those in my charge, and I have influenced their imagination to accept the reality of possibility in their role of followership: a poetic relationship in reciprocity.


Effective leadership is about understanding the needs of followers; not giving them what they want, but guiding them towards what they need instead. What we want and what we need aren’t mutually exclusive: where the former pacifies, the latter satisfies; for as long as the need is met there is no wanting.

—Tshombe Sekou



“Leadership.  A path that begins on the foot trail of follower-ship. A journey fraught with battle scars and valuable lessons. A leader never leaves this path, but is only further down the trail than his/her followers; just enough to see the future and set the course. To be a good leader, you must be a greater follower.