A Silent Film: Love

he stood unashamed
proud with a soaked smile
he stood in the rain
through a pane I watched
a familiar silent film
with jazz a soundtrack

composed by the wails
of a too worked espresso
that exhaled a sigh…
there he stood with knights
who served as groomsmen
And I wondered myself

if he knew the truth
about [love] on rainy days
it is not always
sunny and money
when she calls you honey
remember this day

one pane between us
letting my mind wander
I sip in wonder
the last I stood there
wet as a jocund lover
while someone else watched…

Haiku 54/365:2013 [for Irma]

The hands that held us

grand suns that kissed our faces

in the Orleans’ breeze


— though time was stolen,

we loved no less than forever

as if time were a myth…

for even in death love      tethers us

that we never

                       regret what we

thought missed by time


I love you grand~emah, journey on!