the love I stole… | Free Verse

the first love

I stole

a sweetness

to the soul

tapping soles

with fingers

on the pulse

of anxious



in verse

echoed halls

riffs in blue


resting in the rifts

of ancient beings


in divine tongues

chanting monks

oscillating for miles

vamps of distant

dreams carried on trane’s

through the sands of pharaohs

drifting stars

in black oceans

dim lamps

wet lips

the cool air

and flair in style

a minx

with the fluidity

of whispers dancing


with a pretty jinx

the love I stole

went down smooth

was an empty rhetoric

of reckless love notes

that promised

almost everything

and nothing

a momentary



this freedom

floating in abstraction

falling in love

when I know

its gonna hurt


the love I stole

was ever so sweet…

Upon the Winds

the wind is filled with rumors

of war,

whistling past my window

underneath the wings

of Seahawks;

it fills the lungs

of playing children

consumed with having fun

some pay no mind

others are on the verge

with fear of being blown

away as untethered kites

drift to the sun…

the innocence of children

who play even

with rumors afoot

has much to teach

fear is real

so is ignorance

and bliss

see the wind carries

all sorts of things

how could we breathe

a breath

if we  are in

fear of

it all…


We were often
childish as green—love
for our tongues
longed for the taste of strange
from far off places
that stained our lips
with beautiful poems
contorting beliefs
souls burning passion—unconsumed
aroused as wind
in coition with skin—us
stars against a canvas of blackness
smeared into beauty
the only way to see
is to look at them
pressed against black skin
like everything
pressed against something
reveals true intent
the words we press out
of our mouths
as profound as the morning paper.