For fear or love…

Question: What evokes you to write: fear or love?

Answer: I’ve ruminated this very subject in recent days; I suppose that I surmised that I am moved in both love and fear…while it is mostly in the vein of love, there is fear present. It is in the fear of not expressing, the fear of not possessing, thus I love and it inspires that I love what I fear, for in loving it…I understand it. Thank you for this profound question.


War is just another form of expression, like poetry—since both are of the mind and spirit—it is the former that is expressed by those who have grown frustrated with the use of intelligent words; however, like poetry, fear being misunderstood…

—Tshombe Sekou


In matters of responsibility, there is a gross irresponsible approach in the way we measure accountability in this day and age. Our social construct has stepped in the way of our effective ability to make the sound and most need hard choices to ensure a generation will survive the next evolutionary change in the human existence. There is a trade-off for social politeness over good citizenship, and it seems more a hoodwink than a fair deal.


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It is a shame that RO used that image, but let us not be distracted by the bees and ignore the hive. There is a bigger issue here than an image, but there is a realization that the facade of “overcome” is in full position. The veil is being lifted in this age of free speech and expression, and media exploitation; there is nothing new here unless you’ve been caught up by the revolution being televised. There is much to traverse in the way of reaching the mountaintop…the question is not how upset you get, but what you’re going to do about it!

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