In my quest for freedom, I traveled across continents, oceans and seas; I swallowed the sun and let it forge my soul—in that process I became a poet, and like all poets I became an observer in efforts to discover, to discover freedom by way of discourse.

—Tshombe, Freedom As It Happens

Freedom is…

…watercolors bleeding into each other without fear of what they will become or create.

On April 11 I published my first book, a book of collected poems of the past ten years of writing.  Freedom As It Happens is my first officially published book; it is filled with explanations, conviction, accusations, excuses, love, questions and answers, but most of all it challenges everything.  Reading it will certainly pause you, press rewind, fast forward, stop, and play again…


from a reader: Are you afraid of what people may discover in these poems?

to the reader: If I feared the discovery would I have written poems? 

reader: it just seems that the poems are so honest.

to the reader: it’s how freedom happens

reader: wow!


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The Silence Kept Me…

Freedom As It Happens Cover 2For those who patron my writings and those who will, I have been busy as of late finishing the manuscript for my first book of poetry, Freedom As It Happens, a quasi-biographical collection of poems and prose; it is a journey into the past and present, it is the observation of the obvious and not so obvious, and the struggle of life expressed through the poetics. These poems not only invite you into my world, but begin to invite you into your own world to discover and uncover something long missed or forgotten.

I am challenging your senses and inquiring you the reader to draw conclusions of your own. Each poem is a winding staircase, a poem wrapped in a poem, with divergent pathways to discovery. This is ten years of collected and selected writings and I am certain there is poem in here about you.

The book is now available in print here

Thank you for the patience and indulgence.