WHAT IS LOVE…| NEW EP [coming real soon]

One of the most difficult thing about being a creative person always having a new idea, and it doesn’t really help when you’re completely independent of record labels and a production that has to conduct business meeting to discuss market strategies and how to bring the product to the consumer; I can certainly say that I fail in that department when it comes to product distribution strategies, since I just do it when the spirit moves me…ha!  That’s the strategy, spontaneity.  

So, in moving with that spirit; I want to tell you about a poetic idea that came to me just after my sunday interview with Epiphany Castroin fact it was on this show that I was hoping to debut the below track as part of an entirely different body of work; it was after the show that I began to sort through what seemed to be mounds of recordings that I had lying about, and poems that have been resting in a psuedo-chapbook—and suddenly the creative energy began to steer the course.

A couple of months into 2010, I began to examine the human phenomena that we can’t seem to cope without, despite our best attempts to ignore its magnetism—love has such a significant role in our existence, that is nearly as vital as oxygen, and I began to examine it to satisfy my curiosity of its intoxicating effects on relationships, social interactivity, and beliefs.  Now, I want to share some of these personal discoveries with you in the coming days.  In the later part of last year and the early of this year I had the pleasure of sharing a couple of poems from this collective of examinations, the first was on the release of Rachel Walker’s “Falling” and again on my third album “Verbal Jazz Vol. II: Subsurface“.  Take a peak at this poem titled “What Is Love [Poem 9]” from the upcoming release.