If you sit under tree shade and are prepared for bird droppings, the leaves won’t matter as much…

there will always be challenges, if you are prepared for the worst of them, success will come; if not then the smallest of challenges will stumble you until you’ve given up.

Cont. No Judgment Challenge (#nojudgmentchallenge) | Days 2-5/7

Day 2/3

when I was a young boy working on a farm in Israel, I spent a lot of my youth breaking my gristle–that’s what my uncle called my young back whenever I said it was hurting–while harvesting our sowing. On year we over planted the squash and during the harvest we began to wonder what to do with all of this extra squash, it was way to much for our village to consume; well we knew we had to harvest it and get it back despite limited storage space back in the village. Before long houses had more squash they than they knew what to do with, the village began to smell of aging squash for a few days, but then, it began to smell of creativity: the elderly women began to find unconventional usage for the squash. There were squash pies (first time I had that), cakes, squash flour, and so many things right down to soaps. It is easy to throw away what you think may be a problem before you find the creativity of usage, there are no problems, only untapped creativity because we judge before we discern.


when judging others consider how you are being judged; your rightness pales in comparison to your compassion with others: you will always be remembered for how you loved than for how right you are.

Day 4/5

When we appraise others we are also appraising ourselves.  A home appraisal is only as good as its appraiser, and the appraisers value is assessed by repute and quality discernment; a poor appraiser is assessed by the same standards but holds a reputation far less desired by the lack of discernment.  Therefore it is good reputation that discerns between the two, suffice it to say that before one can appraise or condemn one must be of good reputation.  Reputation is sacrificed to only that which is worthy of it, thus a person of good reputation judges only when the circumstances are worth the price. Nothing regards a person more than anything than a good reputation.


judgment is a two-way act

Verse 156 | Seeing the Significance of the Sum of All

We see a rose and enjoy and praise its beauty, but see not the hand that toils to bring it to fruition. For change to occur there is much that has to happen, though it may be unseen, it must happen. Social change is effective once the collective mind changes, as long as the collective is individuated by what it cannot see; it will be as a rose whose petals disperse unable to conceive beauty collectively, and thus remains stagnant: the body has no insignificant parts, for the finger may not be the heart it will extend itself to convey the heart’s love and intent.

our perception forms the reality, thus if the reality we perceive is inharmonious our perception needs calibration because an unbalanced mind is a liar.

—interesting we can see a thing once and perceive it hideous in that instance, yet in time find that once hideous thing beauteous; this is the balancing of the mind, in its quest for the truth.

When you love yourself the way you ought to, needing others to love you becomes less a priority. When you love yourself right others come to want to love you even more; not because you need them to, but because they want to.

Understanding Verse 150: To Know Thyself is to Mind Oneself

The sun cannot change its light no matter how much the stars complain in discontentment, nor can the stars cease the awing wonderment once the sun has taken its leave for the day; for the Almighty made us all by divine purpose, each with own gifts and paths.  Those who complain of others know not their purpose, nor see the gifts which have been purposefully bestowed upon them; it is foolish to mind what you have no power to change.

Wisdom and Youth

Youthfulness makes light of wisdom until the age that yearns for it, long after the tolling consequences; when age has made lessons of stumbles.   As it is in proverbial writings of Solomon, wisdom is the beginning of all things and should be sought as men search for treasure, for from it the earth was formed.