Water | Book Release

Blessings and love perusers,

I pray that you are well when reading this, I wanted to call your attention to my 3rd and final book for this year entitled water. Water is the finality of a period of meditation in poetry and metaphysics, which developed into a spirit enriching experience that I now share with you in a collection of poetics. Water is available in both e-Book and print. Thank you for your patience and love.

Get water and other books at www.tshombeisms.com today; it will be an experience you would be glad you braved.

in peace and love



CONTACT: Tshombe Sekou, 832.342.7691
Email: tshombe.sekou@gmail.com http://www.tshombeisms.com

“Immerse yourself into the creative writings of poet Tshombe Sekou in this new collection of selected poems and essays. Witness the struggles and overcoming of a young black man who has traveled the world defining and redefining the realities of freedom.”

NEW ORLEANS , LA, JUN. 28— Poet/author and Service Member Tshombe Sekou of New Orleans, will debut his collection of poems “Freedom As It Happens” in a book signing event hosted at the prominent Community Book Center. This signing will include the opportunity to hear Tshombe read some of his poems as well as receive autographs.

Tshombe Sekou, a creative writer in the genre of poetics has been working toward publication for ten years while serving on active duty abroad in the U.S. Navy. In addition, he is the founder of the highly acclaimed “Freedom Verse Cafe” an online radio broadcast aimed at promoting positive artistic expression, where he has personally interviewed some of the most prolific and historic poets.

An award-winning poet of eight bodies of audio albums, and several published anthological poems, including the poem “tragedy” for Trayvon Martin and victims of violence. The Verbal Jazz collection and the Messenger. Tshombe’s diverse collection of poems has it all and takes readers on an emotional ride. A personal journey that invites you to discover yourself.

4-6pm, Saturday 28 June 2014
2523 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119

504.948.READ (7323)

The Silence Kept Me…

Freedom As It Happens Cover 2For those who patron my writings and those who will, I have been busy as of late finishing the manuscript for my first book of poetry, Freedom As It Happens, a quasi-biographical collection of poems and prose; it is a journey into the past and present, it is the observation of the obvious and not so obvious, and the struggle of life expressed through the poetics. These poems not only invite you into my world, but begin to invite you into your own world to discover and uncover something long missed or forgotten.

I am challenging your senses and inquiring you the reader to draw conclusions of your own. Each poem is a winding staircase, a poem wrapped in a poem, with divergent pathways to discovery. This is ten years of collected and selected writings and I am certain there is poem in here about you.

The book is now available in print here

Thank you for the patience and indulgence.



Radio Appearance | Postponed

For those who planned on attending tonight’s radio broadcast; I regret with a certainty of divine purpose, but I must inform you that I’ve learned just a short while ago that due to technical concerns the show has been postponed to a yet announced date and time. I personally thank each of you for your support and patience.

Continue to inspire

Radio Appearance| Announcement & Invitation

Every once in a while I receive an invite to be interviewed in the subject of poetry, rarely is it beyond that save one venue; this being my fourth appearance on the Epiphany’s House (hosted by the Bay Area’s Epiphany Castro) I am excited about the conversation we’re going to have, which is rarely just about poetry (which is sort of poetic—in my head).  Epiphany has invited me back for the second time this year to serve as her guest in closing out the year 2013; I am certain that we both have had a profound and productive year, and a chance at discussing that in the open on air is exhilarating.  As reader of my contents, I extend an invitation to you (if available) to check us out at the below details.  Please if the moment moves you call in with your poems (haiku, dirges, wakas, etc.), I would love to hear your words…as her maxim goes, “this is the place where artists meet!”

Location: Online @ Epiphany’s House on Blogtalk Radio

Date & Time: Sunday afternoon 29 DEC 13 : 3pm PST (CA) / 1pm EST (NY) / 2pm CST (CHI) / 5am JST (Japan – Monday Morning)

Call-In #: (914) 338-1801 (press “1” to get in queue) or Skype Available

My previous interviews with Epiphany: April 2013 | October 2011 | October 2010

Subsurface | Released and Available NOW

I love this thing that apple had made just for my benefit called an iPhone, which has made it possible to be a little more personable with you as I share content with you.  Anyway, I thought I’d make it official since it has been public available for a week already; I just didn’t tell anyone about it (bad me).  So check out the video and get the details:


Subsurface is a collection of poems from the “love inquisition” and the lost files of the “Verbal Jazz Collection” brought forward in to a new release. For the love of art and you, I release this know that you will knowing what it means to express the soul for freedom in poetry… 

– Features the wonderful and artistic acid jazz poet known as Mandika on “Last Love Words.” Internationally vocal with here words, always reaching beyond the surface. A collab long overdue from the original crew of three we used to be. 

– Features“The Seductress of Rhetoric Frenzy” a writer/jazz singer/performer: Lovely Brown (lovelybrnfemale) “The Dust of Living” [track 14] the portrayal of aging love – as we grow old in love we become each other’s caregiver – we become obsessed with one another as we die. 

– All tracks and lyrics were produced and written by Tshombe Sekou of Emet Productions. 

– Thanks to you for finding and sharing this contents 

– This project is not to be sold or retailed in any form. All contents are copyrighted under U.S. Federal Law. Enjoy and be inspired to spread love. 

To the Creator, My Wife, My Parents, Kinships, Friends, and those who aren’t entirely sure on the sideline; I love you. 

A Conversation with Tshombe Sekou Vocality with mikki 11/10/2010 – VOCAL INKorporated

Check out this website I found at blogtalkradio.com

“How about a little vocality with your coffee? Can you imagine a more creative and engaging way to jumpstart your day than with a few ‘Tshombeisms’?”

The poet Tshombe Sekou, will join vocality for some poetic dialogue from his nesting place in Japan. Tshombe has and continues to be instrumental in spreading poetry near and far through the self-established venue “Freedom Verse Cafe”, as well as through progressively hitting the stages in the U.S. and throughout Asia. In today’s rising generation of poets, he has become a household name in poetry, and often has been coined the “Amiri Baraka” of this generation, for his social and political commentary and critiques on the growing populous of poetry in the age of social expression.

Please join me if you are able for this very special and early edition of Vocality with Mikki Williams.