New Poems, New Book

blessings beloveds

I’ve been busy working on a new manuscript

for my second book; another collection of poems

that are of a different tone and color from my first book

Freedom As It Happens.


I began collecting these poems

last week after returning home to Japan;

I collected them from notes, loose leaves,

scribbled and napkins…all the various places

I may have hid my words…


I look forward to sharing this new collection

poetry with you soonest; the plan is to make it

available in print and e-book for widest access.


until then, please continue to peruse the offerings

here on my official site, and treat yourself with

my first book and free albums.


with great love





Open Conversation | Radio Appearance

One of my favorite places for web-radio is at the one and only Epiphany’s House, and she has invited me back for discussion on my new book “Freedom, As It Happens”.  This will be the first open discussion I will have about the poems in this personal collection of work; I say personal for two reasons, the first of which is that poems are always personal (should be) and secondly because this collection is more autobiographical in nature.  Epiphany is a great conversationalist and the setting she facilitates makes for a great atmosphere for talking about poems and other things (to keep it simple).

You are cordially invited to listen in, but furthermore if you have been on the fence at purchasing this book (time are hard—when the choice is bread or poems) then listen in for a chance to get a copy for FREE.  Also, the book will go on sale for a significant discount during the airing of this broadcast.  So come by and listen to this conversation…yeah eavesdrop by invitation.

I thank you all for the consistent support and daily visits here.

again that link is


Epiphany’s House Presents Tshombe Sekou | Blog Talk Radio

New Icon (tshombe IV)After many years of being the interviewer in poetry radio, I now take the rare opportunities to avail myself for dialogue on other radio shows; this I think, is highly essential in giving context to one’s own creative process while enriching others. The host of Epiphany’s House, Epiphany Castro, has asked me to make a third appearance for her 2013 National Poetry Month lineup, which to date has been phenomenal with some of my most favorited poets, last week it was poet Shihan who sat on her couch—how could I refuse?! This being my third visit to her set, and each time was something new; she still adulates the opportunity…and I appreciate the gesture.

So she and I personally invite you to share in this conversation of poetic musings:

Date: Sunday 21 April 2013

Time: 3pm EST | 12pm PST | 4am (Japan, my time)

Place: Your PC | Skype |  or phone ( Epiphany’s House Presents Tshombe Sekou! via Blog Talk Radio.

*with open chat, so please let me know in comment section if you’ll be there so that I can recognize you.

“For many moons he has been a guiding light to those of us in the artistic community, and even those who are not; he is simply a marvelous human being, and so much more…”

Epiphany Castro, Host Epiphany’s House

Please join me as I sit down and have some great conversation with the wonderfully gifted Tshombe Sekou regarding poetry, life, and whatever flows in inspiration.

Take the hyperlink above and you will be in the right place!