The Fifth Element

By my ratiocination there exists five elements as the basis of life, four of which are widely accepted as fire, wind, water, and earth; above all of these elements rest the fifth element—art, for it is the materialization of the renown four.

 —Tshombe Sekou, The Poet

when you are happy with yourself you don’t have to dream of having someone else’s life; if your life is a struggle survive it because the truth is we all are struggling no matter our status.

Be happy with yourself and the rest won’t matter.

Thought for the Day: Living Progressively

Question: How are you living your life, dealing with the circumstances in your living?

Thought: Mitigating the causality of a problem is more important than simply finding a solution. One being proactive while the other is reactive, reactive becomes cyclic while proactive is progressive.  If we become proactive in our lives we don’t have to live in repetition of things.