The Fifth Element

By my ratiocination there exists five elements as the basis of life, four of which are widely accepted as fire, wind, water, and earth; above all of these elements rest the fifth element—art, for it is the materialization of the renown four.

 —Tshombe Sekou, The Poet

The Finding Place and Thoughts

Blessings and love,

I am extremely excited about the reception of my latest book The Finding Place; it has been said to be holistic, reposeful, and vulnerable. Writing the book was reposeful, but most importantly it allowed me to accept my vulnerabilities as strengths; with a predisposition to suppress my feelings during the matriculation of “manhood,” this was a sort of freedom.  In the opening of the book is the statement in the form of haiku:

Summer is falling

these poems are evidence

of a life changing

And so it begins, this journey of accepting and braving vulnerability and the process of emptiness, which is exactly how it ends.  I am excited to invite you to read this book of poems that some have called proverbs, seeds, prayers, and most of all reposed truth.  I simply call them stones that lead to a place of finding.  Somewhere in there is a poem that I think is appropriate for closing and invitation, it is a love poem:

tell me, how you feel

read my poems

just tell me…do you love me

is love a poem

at least there I won’t lie

The Finding Place is now available in print and kindle by clicking the respective link:  Kindle Print

Thank you for continuing to be inspired by poetry and creativity, and most importantly for supporting the free expression of creativity.