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I am thankful for all the support on both books Freedom As It Happens and The Finding Place; I would like to ask for a few minutes of your time in providing a few words in comment to amazon via Your time and patience is most appreciated.

Update: book #3 for this year is shaping up quite nicely, “water.” is flowing like a river and is nearly at its destination for publishing.  Just yesterday I was in my kitchen experimenting with covers designs, feedback on Facebook has been great.

Again, I appreciate you time and patience and most of all your efforts in helping me share your experiences with the books.




The Finding Place and Thoughts

Blessings and love,

I am extremely excited about the reception of my latest book The Finding Place; it has been said to be holistic, reposeful, and vulnerable. Writing the book was reposeful, but most importantly it allowed me to accept my vulnerabilities as strengths; with a predisposition to suppress my feelings during the matriculation of “manhood,” this was a sort of freedom.  In the opening of the book is the statement in the form of haiku:

Summer is falling

these poems are evidence

of a life changing

And so it begins, this journey of accepting and braving vulnerability and the process of emptiness, which is exactly how it ends.  I am excited to invite you to read this book of poems that some have called proverbs, seeds, prayers, and most of all reposed truth.  I simply call them stones that lead to a place of finding.  Somewhere in there is a poem that I think is appropriate for closing and invitation, it is a love poem:

tell me, how you feel

read my poems

just tell me…do you love me

is love a poem

at least there I won’t lie

The Finding Place is now available in print and kindle by clicking the respective link:  Kindle Print

Thank you for continuing to be inspired by poetry and creativity, and most importantly for supporting the free expression of creativity.

New Poems, New Book

blessings beloveds

I’ve been busy working on a new manuscript

for my second book; another collection of poems

that are of a different tone and color from my first book

Freedom As It Happens.


I began collecting these poems

last week after returning home to Japan;

I collected them from notes, loose leaves,

scribbled and napkins…all the various places

I may have hid my words…


I look forward to sharing this new collection

poetry with you soonest; the plan is to make it

available in print and e-book for widest access.


until then, please continue to peruse the offerings

here on my official site, and treat yourself with

my first book and free albums.


with great love






CONTACT: Tshombe Sekou, 832.342.7691

“Immerse yourself into the creative writings of poet Tshombe Sekou in this new collection of selected poems and essays. Witness the struggles and overcoming of a young black man who has traveled the world defining and redefining the realities of freedom.”

NEW ORLEANS , LA, JUN. 28— Poet/author and Service Member Tshombe Sekou of New Orleans, will debut his collection of poems “Freedom As It Happens” in a book signing event hosted at the prominent Community Book Center. This signing will include the opportunity to hear Tshombe read some of his poems as well as receive autographs.

Tshombe Sekou, a creative writer in the genre of poetics has been working toward publication for ten years while serving on active duty abroad in the U.S. Navy. In addition, he is the founder of the highly acclaimed “Freedom Verse Cafe” an online radio broadcast aimed at promoting positive artistic expression, where he has personally interviewed some of the most prolific and historic poets.

An award-winning poet of eight bodies of audio albums, and several published anthological poems, including the poem “tragedy” for Trayvon Martin and victims of violence. The Verbal Jazz collection and the Messenger. Tshombe’s diverse collection of poems has it all and takes readers on an emotional ride. A personal journey that invites you to discover yourself.

4-6pm, Saturday 28 June 2014
2523 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119

504.948.READ (7323)

Open Conversation | Radio Appearance

One of my favorite places for web-radio is at the one and only Epiphany’s House, and she has invited me back for discussion on my new book “Freedom, As It Happens”.  This will be the first open discussion I will have about the poems in this personal collection of work; I say personal for two reasons, the first of which is that poems are always personal (should be) and secondly because this collection is more autobiographical in nature.  Epiphany is a great conversationalist and the setting she facilitates makes for a great atmosphere for talking about poems and other things (to keep it simple).

You are cordially invited to listen in, but furthermore if you have been on the fence at purchasing this book (time are hard—when the choice is bread or poems) then listen in for a chance to get a copy for FREE.  Also, the book will go on sale for a significant discount during the airing of this broadcast.  So come by and listen to this conversation…yeah eavesdrop by invitation.

I thank you all for the consistent support and daily visits here.

again that link is


Freedom is…

…watercolors bleeding into each other without fear of what they will become or create.

On April 11 I published my first book, a book of collected poems of the past ten years of writing.  Freedom As It Happens is my first officially published book; it is filled with explanations, conviction, accusations, excuses, love, questions and answers, but most of all it challenges everything.  Reading it will certainly pause you, press rewind, fast forward, stop, and play again…


from a reader: Are you afraid of what people may discover in these poems?

to the reader: If I feared the discovery would I have written poems? 

reader: it just seems that the poems are so honest.

to the reader: it’s how freedom happens

reader: wow!


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