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I am

a wanderer


with the glimmer

of wonder

seeking the wind.

as dust—collected

a diasporic poem

once lost

as all things are.

if you have found

this I am no longer

lost for we are now together


                                          —Tshombe Sekou

I am a traveler and a seeker. It began as something strange, and it blossomed into something familiar; someone called it poetry and I began to strive to be a poet, and the appellation took form; therefore, I have become a poet.  I have dedicated many years in exercising the idea of being a poet. In my quest for greater self-understanding I have become better at expressing myself, which is all I can really vouch for; in other words the therapy is working!

In my years of writing I have authored a book of poems and published 7 collections of “spoken-word” poetry.  Please visit the collectable section of my page to find out more.

thank you for finding me.

© Tshombe Sekou | Kai Poetry.  All works posted are under copyright law, and any violation is subject to federal penalty. All posted are rumens and inspirations of Tshombe Sekou. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear acknowledgment is exercised; with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Tshombe,

    Thank you for “following” my blog and I’ve done the same – to receive your updates. Guess, we’ll be reading each other more.

    All good wishes,

  2. As a daughter of two jazz musicians (and a sibling to two others), I have always equated my writing to Jazz. You are the only person–besides myself–that I have ever heard make that connection.
    The Window is an delicious ‘amuse bouche’ to my senses; it gets me ready for more.

    • Thank you for considering and offering the opportunity, and please accept my patience in replying as I do in most cases; I pondered the idea of what it means to allow guest posting and compared it with the purpose of my personal blog, and concluded that probably to my misfortune I can’t find reason to open this personal discourse page to guest writer’s. However, it has inspired me to re-open a page which I own that was open to guest writers, so in a few weeks I will be re-opening the project page of “The Words We Share” thanks to your inquiry.

      Best regards,

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