Success and Young Minds | Blog Entry

About a week ago I was invited to speak to an 8th Grade AVID class, and they had a list of questions to ask, among them were several questions about achieving success and here is our conversation in summation:

Q1: At what point did you achieve success.
A1: I am not certain I have reached what I define as success, but to others who may perceive success by their own definition I may appear successful. But because I am still living I am still achieving “successes.”

Q2: How did you overcome the challenges faced
A1: I learned to use the challenges to my benefit as opposed to opposition…every product you buy is not perfect when it is first developed, it goes through many trials before it is brought to the market if there is hope for that product to be successful in the hands of the consumer. Your Playstation, iPhones, Tablets, Hair Products, etc. have all been tested and tried before they ever reach store shelves; therefore it is reasonable to assume that challenge is an acceptable part of success…use it!

Q3: What advice would you give to a young person about life and success.
A1: Live and enjoy your youth, but if you dare dream of success define it, set a plan to achieve your goals, and lastly prepare to fail. In 5-years time you will no doubt be seeking a job, and perhaps on that interview you be asked where do you see yourself in 5-years; if you don’t have answer for that now, when asked then you won’t have an answer for the follow-on 5-years.
A1(a): Lastly, I submit to you to inquire from your parents if they are doing what they dreamed of becoming when they were your age, if not, then why? The answer to that question may help prepare you for the success you seek in the roads ahead.
A1(b): Any other questions for me, if not thank you for inviting me.

Thought I would share this, perhaps it will help someone in their path.


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