No Judgment Challenge (#nojudgmentchallenge) | Day 1 Lesson 1

People are in our lives for reasons, we define them as either good or bad; this is the first judgment, which omits the chance to fully learn why these people are in our life. Whether you defined them as bad or good, have you asked yourself “why are they here, what have I to learn here?” Suppose the lesson from someone you deemed as bad and thus dismiss them as irrelevant have a life changing lesson to teach you…today observe and learn without injecting yourself, your judgment.


I began this challenge just after finishing the manuscript for my third book this year, its titled water.  As you know water has a way of cleansing us, the night I closed the manuscript this challenge was born as a 7-day exercise in non-judging of others, but rather learn from all.  I hope you follow along 

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