poem 204/365:2014 | In case your forgot I can go long…

some tell us

like it is


others tell us

what it is




who take words

and make vision clear

…or foggy

—make you eat

them and determine

what the recipe is—

figuring out what’s the seasons



who tell you

there be a man upstairs

and one downstairs too

’bout them people shootin’

and hatin’ the youth

but want to be them too


who create the boogie man

as a good—night story

and tell you to have sweet dreams


who take ugly

and make it beautiful

take sand and make it an ocean



who tell you

you ain’t you

and that somebody else

ain’t them

—them ain’t us

and us is lost

looking for a light

in the night

trying to figure out

wrong from right

after Adam took a bite

and spat us out

with the seeds


apples don’t fall

far from the tree

to rot or to end up in

someones mouth

and down the shoot

—when you eat the fruit

you eat the root

and can’t leave without

surviving the seasons

but even though we

fall—we spring up


so who tell you

like it is      and       what it is





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