Open Conversation | Radio Appearance

One of my favorite places for web-radio is at the one and only Epiphany’s House, and she has invited me back for discussion on my new book “Freedom, As It Happens”.  This will be the first open discussion I will have about the poems in this personal collection of work; I say personal for two reasons, the first of which is that poems are always personal (should be) and secondly because this collection is more autobiographical in nature.  Epiphany is a great conversationalist and the setting she facilitates makes for a great atmosphere for talking about poems and other things (to keep it simple).

You are cordially invited to listen in, but furthermore if you have been on the fence at purchasing this book (time are hard—when the choice is bread or poems) then listen in for a chance to get a copy for FREE.  Also, the book will go on sale for a significant discount during the airing of this broadcast.  So come by and listen to this conversation…yeah eavesdrop by invitation.

I thank you all for the consistent support and daily visits here.

again that link is


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