UPDATE: Freedom As It Happens

It has been 10 years since I decided to publish a book of poems, and 10 years ago I almost did; I am glad I didn’t because I needed to grow more than I knew then.  In recent weeks I have been working hard at finishing the manuscript of my first publishing entitled Freedom As It Happens.  In that process, I solicited a diverse focus group of readers to peruse the collection, and I thought I’d share a bit of feedback:

Freedom as it happens by Tshombe Sekou is a moving, deeply touching book of poetry. With each line the reader will identify with the emotions and move to higher levels of awareness. He is able to write from a woman’s point of view conveying deep feelings and meanings as well as his own. This book is a must read, hands down!Shakine Charles, Hawaii

Freedom As It Happens will be made available in print and ebook in 18 April 2014.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Freedom As It Happens

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