Random Question via Email | 011514

Q: Tshombe, why and how did you become a poet?

A: First, I thought being a poet meant that I was a part of something, a movement or activism bigger than myself; before long I realized that if I was going to be a poet a part of some kind of movement, I needed to write poems that moved more than just myself.  Becoming a poet, first meant that I had to be an active part of myself, this was the first movement; then and only then could I consider getting involved in any larger movement and activism.  Often we join things unprepared ourselves to contribute to anything, so we do more harm than good; I know that movements sometimes are just looking for people who will do the work, but like anything you have to be well prepared for what you are getting involved in; poetry has an activist spirit about it, so it was easy for me to accept it as my responsibility.

Thank you for the question.

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