Poetry Is Meant To Do Some Real Good…| Announcement

At the start of the New Year poet Mikki Williams, in collaboration with poet/producer Tshombe Sekou, released a spoken word and jazz project titled Formulation (EP).  This project was not only a debut recording of Mikki Williams’ poetry, but also a philanthropic project in support of two foundations: The Edna Adan University Hospital and The Somaly Mam Foundation.

The Back Story: Mikki Williams and I worked on the project in secret for a little over 4-months at the end of 2013; it was a project that was born out of the will to do something good and right for the world.  When Mikki approached me with the idea of the project, requesting I give it some thought; I took less than a minute to agree and went to work exclusively on this project.  Though I’ve yet to meet Mikki in person, we’ve collaborated in ideas and possibilities over the past few years; this is our fruition.  Mikki Williams hails from Ohio, thus making this an international production project since I am all the way across the pond in the land of the rising sun—Japan.

“Poetry is meant to inspire other people, and to help more than ourselves; when poetry can be used as an instrument for the good of others, then and only then do you become the poet.”        —Tshombe Sekou

Check out Formulation (EP) available for download at www.mikkiwilliams.bandcamp.com and support our efforts to change lives.  We greatly thank you for your thoughts and love.

Check out the poetry of Mikki Williams at http://mikkelle.wordpress.com

***100% proceeds for this project go directly to these initiatives, there are no overhead cost or production fees deducted.  This project was done in charity between two independent artists.

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