Haiku 365/365:2013 | Nishima #37

epigraph: this is my final haiku expression for 2013; I am pleased with the result of my committing to study the form and its discipline.  I mentioned in a recent interview that Haiku poetry has had a significant influence on my creativity and expression, what I meant by that was that the shortness of the form and its power has been transformational for me both mentally and spiritually…traditional haiku form beckons the writer to examine the poetry of the moment, the life of the moment, the beauty of the moment and create something much more expansive than that moment in the mind of the reader and author.  I thank you for following along this journey, and may the coming seasons be prosperous and blessed as the past year and even more.

a seed sewn springs up,

survives itself becoming

a seed once again


the heart feels it



4 thoughts on “Haiku 365/365:2013 | Nishima #37

  1. I know what you mean about haiku changing your way of looking at things and moments, I have only recently discovered them and am almost tempted to try a haiku a day next year – or at least one a week. Today’s one you have written is lovely and very much in theme for new starts. I hope you keep going with them in 2014. All the best for the new year! Jo.

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