Haiku | The Breaths of War

war too familiar

hip hop became religion

its air filled my lungs


war sat patiently

waiting at the cold doorsteps

of her uterus


a selective reserve

tattooed number served as fate

desert destined sun


gunpowder and melted brass

Miles of insurgents

blows my mind out of frame


first war—religion

I can still smell the singed faith

committed to love


pain blowing away

old napalm with new weapons

for peace sake missions


I see the sea red

sailing on oceans of dried blood

filling our veins with more


war quenches the thirst

for right is no more right than

in wrong directions


rifle and bible

at the ready to send souls on

from land to sea


trying to escape

freedom became a prison

with no key like love


I knew war before

I could dream of peaceful things

even before love

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