5 thoughts on “Haiku 256/365:2013 | Morning Ritual

    • A huge compliment from a well expressed critic. I have read a couple of your articles regarding poetics and am most delighted to see you brave the efforts for those willing to learn and be better. I will speed your post to those I certain can use them.

    • not much to tell about myself other than what you read in these expressions; for me the poetics are about expressing the observation of reality and its connections to actuality…I know that sounds far, but for me it is bent space. To write a haiku is to truly observe the moment and appreciate it, and yesterday’s haiku was born out of the very moment me and my 18month old daughter were dancing in the kitchen to some John Coltrane…a moment of honesty and free of inhibitions we danced in love.

      Thank you for the sharing.


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