Because poetry …

“Because poetry is about feelings, many honest-sycophants try to spare them with sweet veritable tongues.”

Tell me, give me your honest critique, sense most never do; what do you think of these poems, be brutal.

She said, “your work is rigid, it’s coarse and lacks flexibility; you need more fluidity…yes that!”

Thank you for describing my life…that’s the point, isn’t it?!

I hope I didn’t offend you, she said.

You’ve confirmed me, thank you!

6 thoughts on “Because poetry …

  1. I was just thinking today, how on here (Word Press), everyone rushes to love everything. I don’t like that much. It’s not real when everyone thinks everything is sublime. Or as a writer – we’re not stirring up much (in our ability or the atmosphere).

    • I’ve concluded that sometimes people are often lost for proper wording for what they find/fill in our expressions; in the moment an immediate response is one that is often thought of as polite. Notice there are no “dislike” buttons on any social sites? Also, much like some of the authors I’ve studied have had words that were beautiful at first and turned to something less aesthetic as I/the poem grew…so it all balances out. The key is knowing who you are (the poet/writer) regardless of the commentary. See, I accepted her critique because it was exactly what it was meant to be, she saw me in the poems…not what she thought I wanted to hear.

      • Ugh. I wrote a very thoughtful response but Word Press erased the entire thing before it posted. Rrrr.

        Sorry, I’m done with WP today.

        Interesting points….

  2. Writing a poem is an art, and therefore open to interpretation. If I don’t like something or it does not resonate with me, I do not press the “like” button. Every one has their own way of expressing themselves and should be able to do so without criticism unless asked for (as you have done). We pour ourselves into the words so therefore they should be a reflection of the author. To do otherwise, would be a disservice to the reader, and to oneself.

    At one point, a reader had criticized my work – that I stayed constant in one writing style, but how else would I write since that is how my thoughts flow? I write for me, and no one else. Not for praise, but for release.

    • “Not for praise, but for release…” that’s the one that confuses fledgling writers today; the confusion of the two. Beautifully stated, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, the same is true in response. Thank you for being so honest! 🙂

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