the love I stole… | Free Verse

the first love

I stole

a sweetness

to the soul

tapping soles

with fingers

on the pulse

of anxious



in verse

echoed halls

riffs in blue


resting in the rifts

of ancient beings


in divine tongues

chanting monks

oscillating for miles

vamps of distant

dreams carried on trane’s

through the sands of pharaohs

drifting stars

in black oceans

dim lamps

wet lips

the cool air

and flair in style

a minx

with the fluidity

of whispers dancing


with a pretty jinx

the love I stole

went down smooth

was an empty rhetoric

of reckless love notes

that promised

almost everything

and nothing

a momentary



this freedom

floating in abstraction

falling in love

when I know

its gonna hurt


the love I stole

was ever so sweet…

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