119 Days of Short Poetry | Update

119 days in to my goal/exercise for the year, and I am already feeling a transformation and evolution in my writing and personal way of life. As most do at the beginning of the year, I set a literary goal of focusing on brevity in poetry; choosing the short form of Haiku poetry as the format to exercising discipline and strategy in writing.

The first change I noticed has been in the amount of writing that is surfacing: I am writing at least 3 pieces of poetic expression a day, and I am literally “writing.”

Secondly, I’ve noticed the strategic thought that has now become a cornerstone in my syntax; I’m carefully thinking and reflecting on the imagery and playfulness of language, as well as the ingenuity potentiality of word placement and the shaping of perception in few words.

Thirdly, finding the poetic moment in everything, not that I hadn’t noticed it before; it is more the connectedness of things, the oneness and harmony…this is a journey I intend to continue…

The best warrior is the one who masters skills in sword and words; for both are equally powerful.

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