A Soliloquy in Poetics | Point I: Defining

As I always do in the quietest moments of the day; I ponder many things, as my soul is always at thirst for new horizons…this I share to an empty room.

I find it crucial, even more so in the present, that while there does exist a general treatise for poetics, that it must be defined at the individual level because the birth of a poem begins as a soliloquy before it is a colloquy—meaning it begins as a personal expression.  There must be a genuine examination for why one chooses poetics as a form of expression, and must define what poetics is; not the entire genre, for that is not practical nor is it sensible, to attempt to define all poetry nor the exercising of it. However, by self-defining poetry and purpose one may be able to create new theorems and forms of creativity.

It is not to say that the established treatise for poetry is not adequate enough, but only to say that they are stifling in the potentiality and growth of new forms.   We have walked in the shadows of previous definers, those who have created the standards; however, who defined the standards for them? None I suppose, since there is always nothing before the beginning, they defined it for themselves, because it was theirs to do, and we have adopted their definitions in fear of what it means to define it for ourselves. So I wonder when this generation is going to define itself and its expressions of art.  This is not to suggest that the abandonment of previous standards, to the contrary it should be preserved and examined carefully for the possibilities of creating new, or enhancing standards so as to not be stifled by the past in such a rigid assimilation.  The old standards offer a basis for discipline and formation, but if we are to succeed them then we must—by natural order—evolve into new forms for we are in new times.

to be continued…

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