A Conversation In Poetry | Radio

Earlier today (Japan) I was privileged in an engaging dialogue with colleagues within the poetic community on the lovely broadcast known as Epiphany’s House, a venue known for its extensive and exclusive list of guest; however, that aside it was a great and relaxed time to discuss poetics which is always a fun subject for me as both a student and writer of the genre.  If you’re interested you may check out the 2hour segment of discussion and me sharing poetry live on air.  In the next few days I will share my full notes collected prior to this interview for those interested in getting the full picture.

I would like to give special thanks to the wonderful host Epiphany Castro (Shiva Dances Records) and her assistants who make it all happen behind the scenes; those who came out to share in the audience, as well as those who called in to share a few words.  It is always an esteemed pleasure to be in the midst of like minds and open hearts.

In great love,

Tshombe Sekou

3 thoughts on “A Conversation In Poetry | Radio

  1. Tshombe, the video didn’t work that well for me on Sunday. I was trying it in a different player and even in a different window. So then I just watched the conversation in the chat box for an hour and 45 minutes as guest# 1015. LOL! 😦

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