Annual Reflection… [a blessing]

Every year around this date I spend time in introspection of the life I’ve lived and the impacts I have had on the world around me, while it is nearly impossible to gauge true impact by looking at self; I have managed to deduce the impacts by the reciprocity that has been shown me (the returning).  Today, it is the 40th time that I’ve visited this date, and in my introspection I was offered this from a social connection:

today I’m going to celebrate your birthday with you by listening to all my poetry collections by you and download those I don’t have…

~Kabelo Vincent Sekaleli (Pozzi), South Africa

I am not sure if I have words for how touching these words are, but it is clear that our poetry has impacts; for our poetry is our living transcription for others to experience in their own way our life, thus their lives.

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