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  1. Rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they? True mastery is the ability to embody and transcend the top standards in any given subject… there is always a transcendental quality to mastery. So we poet away seeking that ineffable sublime. Thank you for that food for thought!

    • So true and profound is that ineffable truth, a truth to some seems elusive to grasp; for those who do brave the challenge the reward immeasurable. Indeed thanks for the dialogue

      • I once heard that art is felt before it’s understood. We all innately feel the recognition and power of that truth when we experience it in a distilled and concentrated form, even though it could take much longer to fully understand what that thing was we felt in that split second. No matter what exact shape it takes, the essence of truth, like water fills any container without losing its universal nature. One word, a thousand words, it retains its quality like water regardless if it’s evaporated into steam or frozen into ice. What’s interesting to me is there are precious kernels of it in just about everything human…

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