Verse 148: Knowledge and Courage in Proper Measure

Both are powerful elements on their own and informidable when aligned in proper balance, for knowledge is only power if you possess the measure of courage necessary to act by it; nothing more dangerous nor powerful than one who is of knowledge and has the fortitude to exercise what is known. Knowledge and courage coupled are feared more than anything; the former a sword and the latter a shrewd hand striking its target

To amass knowledge absent courage to act is to be as a farmer who stores grain absent purpose of neither use nor barter. After a while a portion of the stores will be of no use to anyone since it will be wasted, for what use has it been sown then harvested for it to rest in waste. Knowledge and courage to act in congruity is the essence of sagacity, for the wise know what is stored absent purpose and action is but asininity; therefore, wisdom is the combination of garnered knowledge and the exercising of it.  There is but one that rivals in comparison to one who possesses wisdom; it is one just as cunning only in action; it is one who has more courage than knowledge, a starved non-concentric soul; one who has nothing to lose, for he has not enough to treasure in this world.

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