Home, I Dream

I dream of home

with wind pressed against face

an improvizational love

disguising the nostalgia

of things misplaced…


I dream of silhouettes

left in the doorway

marionettes who dance

in prayer to ease the longing

of too stretched hearts

the oneirism of pilgrim souls

kept by the dreams…


I dream of home

with the wind pressed against face

the sea at my back

the place where my tears

fade to black in the abyss

in the oneness

these tears meld with the ocean

there they will whisper the story

of their experience

spread across continents

as rumors set adrift

they will tell the story of

hearts stretched by leagues

grounded by shores…

hearts that dream of being

where the other is…

dreaming of home.


©2013 Tshombe Sekou


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