I’ve been for months trying to figure a way to explain, in a way that would make sense, my random and sparatic releases of poetic expressions via soundcloud and not in a single album form; truth is, I still have no real explanation for why it is I feel more free to release this stuff as it comes to me. I’ve been blessed with the advances of technology (thanks to Apple’s mobile devices) and natural feelings that when I am inspired I act…is that an explanation?

Nevertheless, below is a piece of work that I was inspired to just, well, do today after sharing the poem “tragedy!” on some randomly answered invitation to a fairly new radio show.  When I logged into their show the question was asked, “…are you calling in?” Without an idea of what poem I would do since I was more in the mood for listening than spitting; I said sure and pulled up a poem that had poked its way out of my chapbook, a poem which was written for a Trayvon Martin project with Inner Child Press.  Consequently I was moved to do more than recite it today…have a listen if you will.

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