Between Two Writers: A Random Conversation

I have always been of the mind that poetry shoudl garner some sort of discussion.  Whether that discussion happens with the author or colleague, it should at least incite an internal confabulation. The remissness to engage in dialogue is often a missed opportunity to fully experience the poems themselves. Nevertheless, I had been engaged in answering a question that was raised by the reading of a poem I posted yetserday; you may have read it and dismissed the question that emerged, but not for this young man out of South Africa via Facebook:


[post reading of the poem “These Words...”]

Simiso: Great work! I like the authentic expression.


What inspired it?


Tshombe: Thank you for the feedback; you have captured the very essence of how I feel about poetry—worthy of discussion. The inspiration came from many places; however, specifically I was cogitating on the idea that someone called me a “master poet.” I wanted to understand how do we come to be this by the simple expressions of articulated emotions…this was part of that process.


Simiso: Yes true! There are so many Facebook poetry groups, but in most of them people read and don’t discuss or give feedback, critic, explore, nor advise.

//  Yes the things that qualify us as poets are not sensible and are mainly based on popularity or playful expressions. The hard raw truth is not usually liked.

//  So, why do you write?


Tshombe: You raise a question that has in a short period of time raised more than a simple thought; firstly, I asked is his question “why do you write?” current or past, is he asking me why did I start or why do I continue? All of which is encompassing profundity, and it required much thought.  In self-deliberation I come with a simple complexity: The initial write was in essence an exit, a way out into a new idea of yearned for freedom; it has become the continued pursuit with every exit taken…if that makes sense, then what one could understand is, its about and always has been about a quest for understanding.

Simiso: Great and real response makes sense.  


Poetry is about expression without boundaries…


Tshombe: Yes, we are limited by the courage of our pith…


I would also like to ask you a question, if I may…


What do you suppose prevents the generating of dialogue within poetry for the readers?


When you share a poem (here on FB or on stage) are you seeking conversation? I think that is a very important, the answer.



This conversation is meant to be concluded or continued by you the reader…feel free to add in the comment area.

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