Haiku #310-319 [A Cacophony of Thoughts]

With love she conjures

the silly things

what was long forgotten—time.


Teacher and student alike


enjoy both I do—life.


Hands aged by sun and wind

fragile as the moon

held together


the table hums in prayer

resurrected tree

thankful it weren’t a chair


we have faded—convergence

dim starry night

as ocean and sun—green


What we know is-real

pale is stunting war

over faith—abstraction


truth is but a lie inverse

to the ear beaten

as a drum screaming—run!


We screamed revolution

tale a vision—blaring

altered perception  


Ignorance adorns the lips

Illuminating ourselves

with false convictions


albeit misunderstood

jocund hearts find love

in simplicity…

© Tshombe Sekou

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