#{Love} // AUDIO: Poetry

One of the great things about being an artist with multiple skill sets, is the ability to randomly create when the desire arises.  Earlier this year I announced that I was out of the album producing business so that I could dedicate focus elsewhere; I intend to hold true to that, not that you don’t deserve to receive a complete concentrated body of work from me.  To be quite honest with you, I find it easier this way to share with you when the inspiration actually hits me; this is the good part of being independent and the sole orchestrator of your own creativity.

My creativity has never been about the fiscal quest to establish my identity with the poetic community, quite the contrary in fact; I have always been about the “free” expression and release of my work, so that you can give it the value you see fit.  It has been approximately six albums that I have released to you as a collective of works free of fiscal demand, yet costly in your time to listen and breathe in its presentation.  Nothing is completely free, there is always an associated cost.

Nevertheless, I hope that this next piece that fell from my mind finds a place within your cogitation…

Why do I write/recite poems?

produced and arranged by Tshombe Sekou for Emet Productions

One thought on “#{Love} // AUDIO: Poetry

  1. "Nothing is completely free." Agreed. I have always felt it costly to listen to or, somehow, to feel as though I were a part of artistic expression–of any form–I think. Of course, it has nothing to do with me, until I relate to it in some way. I believe such begins and ends with what one is willing to take from it. Whether a body of work lingers like a fragrance in the mind; encouraging a further desire to seek more from it, remember things, or stumble upon the inspiration of something new–or whether that work holds a particular appreciation within the preciseness of that moment. But then, such is life… it can be the color of a flower, the height of a tree, or the way a sidewalk slopes. Which (personally) inclines me to constantly question ‘how much is life worth?’ Even in knowing it is worth more than I could probably imagine–whether or not I give or add anything to it, there is something received… Kind of reminds me of that groove by Ashford & Simpson, "Don’t Cost You Nothing".Thank you for sharing.Peace & Love,Nissi

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