Understanding | Verse 140: Know Friends, Foe Even More…

for every friend made, an enemy is born. Choose friends wisely, study your enemy, become the master of them both: choosing and lucubration.  The wise make company of few, mostly by knowing the unwanted enemy.  Being proficient at your adversary’s motives removes formidability, lending an opportunity to best them before they have the chance to best you; having friends of good character and advisement lessens the affectivity of any foe.  The cunning poses as friend, decreasing scrutiny; the obvious enemy makes for good alliances, for they will find your adversaries by their common interest. Only the impudent shun incredulity specific to that of human nature, and its cruelty as it preys on the susceptibility for faithful relationships with others.  What is of most import is in knowing how we define friendship; I assert that it is defined as being contingent upon an individual’s intrinsic need, a relationship instituted upon an internal requirements; it is personal.  Despite the need for others, it is crucial to remember the value of trust and how it is lent, most importantly who barrows it.

—Tshombe Sekou

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