We are forever standing at its ledge, whether we agree with it or not, it is coming, or rather always here; the question that always remains is how you will deal with change.

Change itself knows only the truth of self; it does not know anything other than its inevitable occurrence. We can embrace change with love or resist it with its antithesis; nevertheless, it will persist to occur no matter our insistence.  The antithesis to change is stagnancy, which is a slow and grueling fate for mankind in all of its perception of progression. Certainly, within stagnation change occurs, which is often menacing to the future.

It is better to possess a compassionate heart than one bound by the letter of the law; what is the law to man, a proclaimed sinner, saved only by his perception of fulfilling the law.  If every man is a sinner, the fulfillment of the law, to him, is forever elusive.  If two antithetic laws that are applicable to the same subject, how can he fulfill the laws and be righteous in whole within the eyes of change?  If he is to love with his right-hand, and rebuke with his left; does not the entire body share the blame? 

Since love is in concert with the laws of change, then castigation is the instigator of stagnation.  Our love is meant to perpetuate change, but if not careful, love stricken with the ills of self becomes the rot that is hatred.

—Tshombe Sekou

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