Book Development [Amandla: Poetics on the Road to Freedom]

Amandla has been a laborious road, a task that has kept me busy over the past couple of years, it is coming along quite well as of late because I am learning to get out of the way of myself.  Yes, I get in the way of myself quite a bit when it comes to the literary aspects of my creativity, my own “stumbling block” if you will; it seems that I want everything to be perfect when I am finished with it, which isn’t a bad thing altogether.  We should all want to put our best forward rather than later, in fact a colleague recently expressed that I should ensure that all “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” dotted before I publish.  Her advice is spot-on in feeding my perfectionist drive, and I adore her for the advice; Though I would be remiss not to acknowledge both my enemy and ally: perfectionism.

It was during a recent rumination that I considered what poetry is for me, and why it is that I fed the affinity for the prosody of expression.  Since I personally define poetry everytime I sit to write (my way of giving context to purpose) the one definition for poetry that has trumpeted for me rest in the context of this project, is that poetry lends to us, for those who embrace her, a freedom; an escape to a place that the physical world limits.  Through poetry time and space travel are possible without physically moving; it is a freedom of mind and spirit from the physical realm, albeit a short lived freedom for some, but it gives us a way out as well as a way inside of ourselves regardless of the perfections or imperfections we perceive.  

After this mentation it was determined that I begin to allow the freedom to exist outside the clutches of my stagnancy. Though perfectionism has it’s place, it should never serve as the impetus to the impediment of progress, nor the lack of perfection give acceptance to mediocrity; in this mentation I have come away with the thought that not every man is as perfect as he thinks, nor as flawed as he percieves.

In all, the book is back to the front burner.  Nina has given it new breath, and I certainly aim to have it in your hands before the winter holidays; I will keep you all updated on the progress as it comes closer to publishing.  In the meantime check out my recent releases:

Note: I am back to blogging here again, I had taken a great deal of time focusing on sharing with the Facebook community; I hadn’t realized that I left my web home unattended for so long; much is coming so stay tuned.




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