Principles of Leadership, Influencing Life Award

Sponsored by Tshombe Sekou & Dedre Harris

June 6, 2011

Yokosuka, Japan


On June 06, 2011, Tshombe Sekou, a poet/essayist/activist from Yokosuka, Japan by way of Houston, Texas, announced their intentions and direction for the Tshombe & Dedre scholarship prize for outstanding achievement in displaying the necessary fibres of leadership: moral courage, inspirational influence, and not the least of all compassion. This annual prize is established for students of Chitakatira School located in Zimbabwe near the border of Mozambique in southern Africa in an effort to influence a future of greatness.


Principles of the Award:

It is our wish that the youth of Africa be encouraged to display the moral courage of leadership, be well cultivated in the spirit of positive influence; and the compassion of goodwill towards their families, community, and peers in such to influence others to follow in kind. The title of this award reflects the spirit of such leadership that shall exist long after the fleeting moments of youthfulness. Leadership begins in the kneading age, and matures as it passes through the circumstances of time. If we introduce high moral ingredients at a young age, since mediocrity will wait patiently to sink its teeth into their adolescence; we will have better success at seeing a more prosperous future for Zimbabwe, much greater, Africa.


Our commitment of the following cash prizes are to be awarded to students who demonstrate and embody such character that warrant recognition for academic, social and moral leadership through good deeds; providing an archetypical behaviour that is worthy of emulation. The selection of students for this award should primarily be based upon observed character displayed throughout the school year. The selection of recipients should be one upper-level and one lower-level student to be awarded a cash prizes of $75.00 USD with a certificate that recognizes these students as standout leaders. In addition a third award will serve as a scholastic

award in the area of “leadership thinking.” This award will solely be for upper-level students in the form of a 500 word essay writing contest, winner will be featured at and awarded a $50.00 USD cash prize.


Thesis for Essay: Leadership is the responsibility of all for a better Africa. Explain the

importance of moralistic leadership, the responsibility of individual actions in leadership, and solution to improve current conditions by accepting the role of leadership. Students are to provide a thesis, supporting examples, and summary with solutions to improving Zimbabwe, Africa.


Find the love in all things, influence the world to be a better place.

Tshombe & Dedre


"Principles of Leadership, Influencing Life Award"

Sponsored by Tshombe Sekou & Dedre Harris

“Power is but an idea exerted; influence on the other hand is a force beyond the grasp of power, for it spreads wide and far. If I can influence a world of good, what powers need I over any person or thing?” —Tshombe Sekou

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