Thoughts of Sekou | New Collective of Poems Released (Audio)


Thoughts of Sekou are the noetic poetics that stems from the abstractions and intimate experiences, and the supplicatory thoughts recorded in a single take while on a reprieve in Osaka, Japan by Tshombe Sekou.

From the Liner Notes:

This collection of thoughts was a rather spontaneous concept that sort of formed a coup within my spirit while on a reprieve in Osaka, Japan a few weeks ago. From which poems and abstracts to share was an utterly uncanny expectation; it all happened while enjoying tea and taking the ambiance of a coffee shop in the Shinsaibashi district of Osaka.

…I seized the spirit of the moment, making it mine as I began to record some forty pieces of work and various theorems of art and life; as I recorded, it was decided to name each track as a thought because to me that is what poetry is…I know everything must have a name to be identifiable; however, must it…

Have a listen and see what you're moved to see…

Released: 27 May 2011
Price: you name the price
Recorded: Osaka Japan
Production: Emet Productions
Artwork: Emet Productions

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