The Prolusion to Subsurface (EP) FREE DOWNLOAD


It is truly a blessing in being an independent artist; this is true for both the supporters and the artists themselves.  For me this bodes well due in large part that I can release unpredictably and when every the spirit moves me to do so.  Every once in a while it gets to a point where as artists we can be ebullient with creativity and the best way to relieve the pressure to establish room for more creativity is to release when you can.  Well this is true for me at least, so if I am unique in this (which I am sure I am not) its okay, but I know that the universe produces a pair in minimum for all things…whatever!

Today, being one of those days to release some of that boiling over creativity; I have decided to let you have a few of the latest Emet Production creations all wrapped in a single EP.  This comes at a time where I am just getting settled here in my new home, Japan, and a really exciting time in creativity.  Having just witnessed the launch of my first “soul” collaboration being released and widely enjoyed, thanks Rachel Walker, but also some other recent collaborations have been very fluent in their inspirational power for the future.  I am highly excited about the near future, and I hope that you will gain some inkling of the same energy as you take in this small token of appreciation from me.

This short EP serves as the prolusion to a much later project from Emet Productions dubbed “Subsurface: Verbal Jazz Vol. II”. The EP contains three full preview-tracks from this project and another project titled “What Is Love”; each containing a message that will provoke thoughts and emotional actions (not reaction).  Enjoy!

Also, visit CDBaby for Rachel Walker’s latest single ‘Falling” which features “What Is Love: Part 5”



Subsurface: Verbal Jazz Vol. II [1/1/11]

What Is Love: The Complete Inquisition LP [TBA]

Life|Kai Poetry EP by TnTz [TBA]

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