“The Messengers”

The Messengers came from a vision and belief that we are living in the “age of messengers”. Messengers across three generations of poetry and allocutions. These poets and many others have had major influences in my positive development and holding true to their path.

© 2010 Tshombe

In collage:

Nikki Giovanni | Lynn Blue | The Last Poets | Suzi Q. Smith | Taalam Acey | Ntozake Shangi | Lady Khadija | Abyss | Ben Ammi | Amiri Baraka | Ursula RUcker | Sekou (Tha Misfit) | Future | Ngoma | The Watts Prophets | eBaby | Queen Sheba | Jahmarhl Crawford | LeDerick Horne | Kamal Imani | Nabraska | S. Pearl Sharp | Max Parthas | Amina1389 | Gil Scott-Heron | Tshombe (the poet) | Kalamu Ya Salaam | OneTruth | Iyeoka Okoawo | Autum Ashante | Tantra-Zawadi | Tshaka Campbell | Shihan | Marc Marcel | Saul Williams | Floyd Boykin Jr. | Jon Goode | L.I.F.E. 

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